Istanbul-in-Between by J Mills

After delivering a lecture for the Istanbul Biennale, I was interviewed by Istanbul-in-Between about bubbles, my practice, and the idea of "home." I'm so grateful to have been given opportunity to explore such a beautiful and compelling city.

Interview in 416 Magazine by J Mills

Many thanks to my sponsors for Luminato:

Smart Silk, Soheil Mosun Limited, Concord Adex, Museumpros, Public Art Management, Tappatec and Arbucomp. It's been an honour and privilege working on this show for The Design Exchange, Toronto.

Azure Magazine | June 2016 by J Mills

Many thanks to Azure Magazine for the writeup on the Luminato installation. It was an honour to work along side The Design Exchange and Partisans architects to activate this space.

Photo by Megan Pesant

Photo by Megan Pesant

Azure Magazine by J Mills

Very happy to be featured along side my sister Sarah Keenlyside, creator of Ferris' Room @ The Gladstone Hotel, in Azure Magazine's 12 Favourite Design Moments.